Dubai Underwater Hotel – Atlantis The Palm Dubai


Dubai Underwater Hotel: Do you see that huge pink building that sits on top of Palm Island, spanning more than 64 football fields like Wembley Stadium? Yes, it is Atlantis The Palm Dubai, that amazing hotel with more than 1500 hotel rooms, which is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world ever.

Dubai Underwater Hotel - Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Dubai Underwater Hotel – Atlantis The Palm Dubai


Dubai Underwater Hotel – Atlantis The Palm Location:

The Atlantis 7 star hotel is located on the top of the Palm Island in Dubai, a Human-made island which is one of the finest islands made in terms of architectural design and quality of implementation. It has been shaped like a palm tree since 2008 and is the first island of its kind like this. Although we arrived in the year 2020, it is still one of the most attractive tourist areas for visitors.

Dubai Underwater Hotel – Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Dubai Underwater Hotel – Atlantis The Palm Dubai


Why Atlantis The Palm Dubai, is the most attractive destination for tourists in 2020?

Although there are amazing tourist places around the world, Atlantis is still the most visited place by tourists. It contains many services and features not provided by all hotels, it has more than 1500 hotel rooms and suites, and there are 23 different restaurants, water park, gym, private beach, kids club, markets, underwater rooms and many activities, events, and special services. The things that it offers make it not only a 7 star hotel but also an 8 star hotel, according to the classification of many international sites such as Wikipedia.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai – Underwater Activities

Atlantis The Palm Dubai – Underwater Activities


Dubai Underwater Hotel, Fun and motivation:

Yes, the Atlantis Hotel contains the most enjoyable and interesting places you may see in your life, as Aquaventure Water Park has an area of more than 17 hectares of water activities, artificial beaches, and quiet swimming areas, and includes enthusiastic activities such as the courageous jump that drowns passengers in a tunnel through which the shark passes around.

Underwater Activities

Underwater Activities

Is Dubai Safe To Travel Due To Coronavirus?

In fact, the Coronavirus caused many concerns for travelers and tourists. But do not worry, the UAE government is very keen on the safety of its citizens, and the safety of visitors as well. it has spent billions of dollars fighting the Coronavirus and has taken the necessary measures to prevent it. These procedures are everywhere, especially Dubai, as it is full of foreign visitors. In addition, the number of injured is very few, and they are subject to quarantine and necessary treatment. And most of them have recovered completely.
So you can travel to Dubai while you are completely satisfied, all you have to do is take the necessary social measures to prevent it, and follow your life naturally, that is enough to protect you.

Dubai fighting coronavirus

How To Book A Room Inside The Atlantis Hotel?

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Dubai Underwater Hotel –  Atlantis Restaurants And Food:

Atlantis includes a large number of restaurants and buffets from different regions. Can you imagine eating every day in a different country? This is exactly what Atlantis Dubai offers you, as there is an Asian, Italian, French and Arabic buffet. And all types of food that come into your mind.

Dubai Underwater hotel - Food

Dubai Underwater hotel – Food



So, this is your irreplaceable opportunity. Now you know about one of the most amazing places in the world. Give yourself the opportunity to forget about work pressure. And travel to a place that is like dreams.
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