Why you should visit Dubai Summer 2020


Dubai Summer 2020 – Have you ever visited the beautiful city of Dubai? Surely, Dubai is a unique City and an important metropolis within the Arabs countries. In a place notorious for anarchy and strife, Dubai is a place of peace. this is often important as a tourist is safe here, and in particular, Dubai is really a cosmopolitan place and worth to be visited.

Dubai Summer 2020

Dubai Summer 2020


Why Dubai Summer 2020 specifically?

Dubai is a very modern city, and the Islamic motifs found in other countries hardly appear in Dubai. Regulation is prevailing, and overall Dubai is an enjoyable world, that can’t be rivaled. Dubai may be a tourist paradise and whether you’re rich or a budget traveler, Dubai has something for everyone. We can categorize some of the famous things in Dubai:



Everyone needs to shop and buy new things, especially if these things’ prices are cheaper than at home. Dubai is one of the best places for shoppers, as there are no taxes on goods, and therefore it is much cheaper than in other countries. so Dubai is a duty-free area. Its markets are beautiful, offering visitors over 24 traditional open-air markets.

In fact, some of the Dubai malls are about to be the largest in the world. Of course, if you want to walk in it, you will feel tired of walking a lot, but you will still feel the pleasure of shopping. The best thing about it is having very big discounts with some bargaining. It is really a great place to shop.

Dubai Malls

Dubai Summer 2020 – Beaches, Gardens, And Waterparks:

Don’t be surprised if I tell you that Dubai is a desert region, but it contains beaches, gardens, waterparks and many beautiful places. and there are excellent waterfronts and roads that pass by the sea. In addition, there is the Dubai Archaeological Museum and a wonderful zoo. You will spend a very enjoyable time there.


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Burj Khalifa, The Miracle:

One of the most amazing things about me in Dubai is the high tower, which is considered one of the tallest towers in the world. If you want to go up to the 200th floor (which is the highest floor) you will see a view you cannot imagine its beauty.

It is the edifice of Dubai, yes it is the Burj Khalifa. There are many fine restaurants, at night Dubai is decorated in bright colors. You can visit Burj Al Arab, which is a 7-star tower and very luxurious, but if your budget is limited then I do not advise you to do so.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Summer 2020 – A Boat Ride At The Night:

One of the highlights of Dubai’s summer is an evening cruise on the boat, sailing on a tour of the Arabian Sea. From the heart of the sea, you can see the lights decorating the city of Dubai. Onboard, a delicious and distinctive barbecue. It is a journey worth trying.

Dubai Boat Trip

Desert Safari:

It is a premium item in Dubai, it costs around $ 50 per person. It includes a one-day trip, which is a desert trip in addition to a visit to a Bedouin village, in addition to a small excursion on camelback, after which a delicious barbecue.

Dubai Safari

Is Dubai Safe To Travel Due To Coronavirus?

In fact, the Coronavirus caused many concerns for travelers and tourists. But do not worry, the UAE government is very keen on the safety of its citizens, and the safety of visitors as well. it has spent billions of dollars fighting the Coronavirus and has taken the necessary measures to prevent it. These procedures are everywhere, especially Dubai, as it is full of foreign visitors. In addition, the number of injured is very few, and they are subject to quarantine and necessary treatment. And most of them have recovered completely.
So you can travel to Dubai while you are completely satisfied, all you have to do is take the necessary social measures to prevent it, and follow your life naturally, that is enough to protect you.

Dubai fighting coronavirus


How To Book A Safe Flight To Dubai?

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If you want a beautiful and enjoyable trip, you must visit Dubai. You will spend a wonderful time there. Whether you are with your family or friends, entertainment places are everywhere.